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About Me


The Gal

I create, voice, and record, spoken-word soundtracks describing the on-screen activity the visually impaired can't see on TV shows, feature films, documentaries, and web content. And I aim to do it exceptionally well. Always.


Because the end-user experience is everything to me — especially when it comes to having the story be enjoyed by the audience as closely as possible to the way its creators intended it to be. And because this is my dream "job". 


The Goods


  • 1000s of hours producing 100s of hours of described content, in a wide range of genres and formats

  • 40+ years as a professional voice talent

  • 10+ years as a professional actor and improviser

  • 30+ years as a professional writer, producer, and creative director in live theatre, radio, video, marketing, advertising, and ultimately front-end design and development of leading-edge interactive television technologies


The Gear

  • professional home studio

  • Pro Tools 

  • fast/secure large file transfer

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